PWEA Conference 2020

Wind of hope for Poland’s Green Deal

Cheap energy from wind to power the Polish economic ecosystem.

Electricity generated in onshore and offshore turbines will make Polish power, heating and transport sectors greener.

This is the vision of a Green Deal, made feasible in Poland thanks to dynamic increase in new capacity and continuous development of innovation around wind power. The strategic importance of the wind industry for the implementation of the European Green Deal in Poland will be discussed during this year’s Polish Wind Energy Association Conference.

Due to the pandemic declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the state of epidemic introduced in Poland from 20 March 2020, with the health and safety of our guests as our primary concern, we decided to change the date of PWEA2020 Conference to August 2020.

We hope that on those dates the largest wind industry meeting in this part of Europe will gather a broad, international group of attendees.

The impact of COVID-19 on the disruption of global supply chains and investment risk management in similar situations will certainly be among the topics discussed in Serock.
However, we want to take a look into the post-pandemic future that we are already building by planning and implementing wind power projects worth billions of Polish zlotys. That is why the main theme of this year’s conference and the topic of the opening session will be wind power’s contribution to the European Green Deal and the significant role of the industry in the just transition process in Poland.

Wind has gained a cost advantage over other electricity generation technologies. That is why it can help make not only the power system, but also heating and transport greener. We want to demonstrate the important role of large-scale offshore wind farms that can be used to produce green hydrogen in the future. This is not a very distant vision, and it will happen sooner due to changes taking place after the pandemic.

Unleashing the full potential of wind in Poland will not be possible without a stable legislation and a long-term plan for capacity development. On the second day of PWEA2020 Conference we will talk about the regulations allowing Poland to reach the installed capacity level of 22 GW onshore and 28 GW offshore in the Baltic Sea.
During the conference we will think about how to use the domestic production to develop the local supply chain and reduce its reliance on Asian components.
Investments in new wind capacity, worth billions of zlotys, can become a driving force for the Polish economy – manufacturing plants recovering from the pandemic, entrepreneurs ready to change the profile of their business and people employed in companies around the industry.

On the third day of the PWEA2020 Conference we will talk about the trends in the energy and property rights market. We will present forecasts and price trajectories demonstrating the competitive advantage of renewable energy generated in sources with low fixed costs and resilient to global economic turbulences. Cheap and clean energy from wind, also purchased under supply contracts directly from generators, will be of value. Corporate PPAs will become increasingly interesting to entrepreneurs sourcing power for their manufacturing and service facilities, and this trend will get stronger with the increase in energy prices coming after the restart of plants shut down during the pandemic.


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