PWEA Conference 2021  – Side events

Sport’s games


When: 31.08.2021,
Time: 9:00
Where: Hotel Narvil

The charity run RUN LIKE A WIND during the PWEA Conference in Serock becomes a tradition.

We start the second day of PWEA2021 at 9:00 am with a 5 km long run along the Narew River. We focus on having fun, not forgetting about competition. The winner will hand over a voucher for a selected charity foundation. Medals are waiting for the best runners, and the efforts of all running enthusiasts and sports spirit will be awarded a commemorative diploma.

Any participant of the conference can become a participant of the run, including you! You can also follow the race and cheer along the route, cheering on your favorites.

We see you at the START of the second day of the PWEA2021 Conference

Note! The condition for participation in the run is prior registration for the conference.
Limited places available!



When: 30.08.2021,
time 12:00 – group phase
When: 31.08.2021,
time 16:00 – final

Where: a court, Narvil Cofnerece & Spa Hotel, Serock,

Take part in a beach volleyball tournament in Serock. This is a great opportunity to create your dream team through competition and communication. Apply for the competition and feel the sports emotions as at the Olympics.

Beach volleyball is a real challenge for summer sports enthusiasts. We encourage all companies that want to integrate their employees by creating teams to compete in the sand, it is enough to become a participant of the PWEW2021 Conference and sign up for the tournament. Teams are 4-person.

Let’s meet on the pitch!



When: 30.08.2021,
time 12:00 – group phase
When: 31.08.2021,
time 16:00 – final

Where: a court, Narvil Cofnerece & Spa Hotel, Serock,

We invite you to take part in an exciting streetball tournament during the Conference in Serock. Submit your team to a 3-person game and show what you can do. This is a great opportunity to integrate the team or make new friends.

Our sports meetings are always filled with laughter and a friendly atmosphere, and sports rivalry adds adrenaline. Moving outdoors in the buffer zone of trees in Serock means not only health, but also a large dose of energy.

It is enough to become a participant of PWEA2021 to play streetball with us.



> How is Poland reinforcing its OW supply chain to tackle OW projects and how can Polish-Dutch cooperation contribute to filling the gaps and/or how could we form strategic partnerships?

Time: 10:30 – 13:00, 01.09.2021
Venue: Room Nil (Ground floor)


The Round Tables are set up to actively share knowledge on specific topics within different project phases. The aim is to share lessons-learnt, to combine PL-NL expertise and set-up valuable co-operations to build future OWF in PL. The NL participants, with expertise in their field, will elaborate on the challenges they have been facing while implementing OWF in The Netherlands (and abroad) and how these have been tackled based on their past experience. The PL participants will share their view on the current state of the OWF sector in PL and their field of expertise and discuss the challenges and issues that may arise or particular questions they have to enhance their knowledge.


  • 10.30: Introduction by NL Embassy (Why co-operation, aiming at sharing lessons learnt – Sanne or Martin)
  • 10.40: Offshore Wind in NL by NWEA (OW in NL, how can PL benefit from our learning curve)
  • 10.50: Panel discussion on NL-PL cooperation (PWEA/PSMEW, NWEA moderated by Embassy)
  • 11.10: Introduction Round Table sessions and moving to tables (Topics and NL participants, goal of sessions)
  • 11.15: Start Parallel Round Table sessions Round 1 (Table 1 and 2)
  • 12.00: Start Parallel Round Table sessions Round 2 (Table 3 and 4)
  • 12.45: Conclusion



> Offshore wind farm foundations – is manufacturing in Poland possible?
Polish monopile – a pipe dream or reality?

Time: 11:30 – 12:30, 01.09.2021
Venue: Room Wisła (First floor)


Join the practical workshop from Dajin – a leading manufacturer of heavy steel structures, where you will learn about the types of structures planned for Polish offshore wind farms. You will find out about the technical parameters dedicated for offshore wind and what they depend on. You will discover new technical trends and product development directions to deploy new and future-oriented projects. You will understand the key manufacturing challenges, and practitioners will help you answer the question whether Poland can cope with them.

Finally, you will learn about the participation of the Polish supply chain from the very first offshore wind farm projects in the Baltic Sea. For the share of local content in the construction of first wind farms in the Baltic Sea to reach the planned level of 25%, it is necessary to build, expand, and develop new technologies, services and products based on the existing industrial and logistic potential in Poland. We need to fill the blank spots on the map of component manufacturing and services for offshore wind.

Take part in Dajin’s practical workshop if you want to be part of the local content in the construction of offshore wind farm foundations.

The workshop will take place on 1 September, the 3rd day of PWEA2021 Conference in Serock.

> Conditions and procedures for the use of certificates for the connection of generation units to the electricity grid

Time: 11:30 – 12:30, 01.09.2021
Venue: Room Warta (First floor)


The workshop will be devoted to the use of certificates in the process of grid connection of generating units (according to Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/631 of 14 April 2016 establishing the network code of requirements for generators – NC RfG). The two-year transition period on verification of the code requirements with certification has ended. From 1 August new regulations are in force – we will discuss them at the meeting.

> Let’s build the Baltica Offshore Wind Farm together! How to become part of PGE and Orsted’s project?

Time: 13:00 – 14:30 ; 30.08.2021
Venue: Room NIL (Parter)

Side event partner:

We would like to initiate a dialogue with suppliers and sub-suppliers interested in joining the development of the largest offshore wind project in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea.

The Baltica Offshore Wind farm, with a total capacity of up to 2.5 GW, developed in a 50/50 joint venture by Orsted and PGE Baltica – part of the PGE Group, will generate green energy for over 30 years for approx. 4 million Polish households, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 8 million tonnes a year and ensuring development of the Polish economy.

Polish companies already present in the offshore wind market can strengthen their positions, and new players can join the game by partnerships with those more experienced. Our series of workshops is aimed at helping them in this process. At the workshop planned for 30 August you will learn about:

  • framework procurement schedule, including expected times of key tenders
  • recommendations for suppliers, including necessary conditions to take part in tenders
  • ways to support Polish companies on their journey to the global offshore wind market
  • success stories of local suppliers joining the global offshore wind supply chain


Monika Morawiecka i Soren Westergaard Jansen witają gości

13: 00 – 13:05 Speech – Monika Morawiecka (PGE Baltica)

13:05 – 13:10 Speech – Soren Westergaard Jansen (Orsted)

13:10 – 13:40 Joint presentation by Orsted and PGE

Presentation agenda:

  1. Key project information – Soren Westergaard Jansen
  2. Overview of procurement process, including expected dates of key tenders
    (Soren Westergaard Jansen – discusses offshore, Maciej Mielniczuk – onshore)
  3. How to become part of the supply chain for Baltica 2+3?
    1. Procurement process 101
      • UNCE Achilles – Sara Bonne Moller (Orsted)
      • PGE’s platform – Adam Domański (PGE Group)
    2. Do&Don’ts – recommenda?ons for suppliers, including QHSE standards (Soren Westergaard Jansen)
    3. JHow do we support suppliers in the process (best practices from various markets)? (Soren Westergaard Jansen)
  4. Case study – success stories: How we engaged local suppliers in offshore wind projects (Maciej Mielniczuk
  5. Potential of Polish offshore wind market with regard to development of local content (sectorsand project development phases) – Maciej Mielniczuk
  6. Q&A – 15-20 min

Join the conversation and the development of PGE and Orsted’s project.

Let’s build Baltica 2+3 together!

> Poland and Norway – Offshore Wind Network Meeting

Time: 14:00 – 15:00, 30.08.2021
Venue: Room NIL (Parter)

Side event partner:


  • Introduction – Jørgen Brandt Theodorsen, NORWEP, Norwegian Energy

Partners, Director Wind

  • Words of welcome: – HE Anders Eide, Ambassador of Norway to Poland
  • Janusz Gajowiecki, President of PWEA
  • Equinor’s Offshore Wind Projects in Poland, Michał Kołodziejczyk, Country Manager Equinor Polska
  • Offshore wind market development in Poland seen from the perspective of DNV, Michał Gronert, Senior Engineer, DNV Poland
  • Panel discussion led by Moderator, Piotr Czopek, Director, PWEA

Polish OW – legislation, operation, logistics and financing

Participants: representatives of Equinor, DNV, Kongstein and DnB.

Networking Lunch

Time: 15:00 – 16:00
Miejsce: Room AKWARIUM

> Digitization for optimization of wind farm development, acquisitions and operations
How to optimize wind farm efficiency using state- of-the-art tools for digital efficiency analysis. The cutting edge digital tools and data that will lower your projects’ development time, decrease your CAPEX and help you with project financing. 

Time: 14:00 – 16:00, 30.08.2021
Venue: Room Narew (1ST FLOOR)

Workshop partner:

Welcome to our practical Workshop, which will allow you to get to know the latest digital technologies used in wind farm operation, monitoring, inspections, as well as in wind energy production analysis, for both onshore and offshore wind farms.

During our session, best practices will be described, applying the most advanced tools as well as our know-how.

We will demonstrate to the audience the best practices related to the estimations leading to preliminary yield assessments and the “state of the art” in resource assessment and optimization for onshore and offshore wind farms.

At the same time, we will present the latest Remote Monitoring solutions that bring to the Renewable Energy sector a completely new and innovative proposal for renewable assets. This platform is specifically designed to provide “customized” solutions to each of the different user profiles that intervene throughout the life of a Renewable Energy asset and interact with it through monitoring, control or analysis.

You will also have a chance to look at the cutting edge Digital Inspection Platform, designed for inspection of your Renewable Energy assets.

And there will be more.

All of the above tools can be extended to onshore and offshore wind farms (and quite often to PV plants).

Welcome to the new digital era for your Renewable Energy assets. We are looking forward to your attendance.

UL Renewables team.

Social events


When: 30 sierpnia 2021 r.,
Time: 19:00

Where: Serock, start w hotelu Narvil Conference & SPA,

We cordially invite all conference participants to relax in the cocktail bar sponsored by Vulcan Training & Consultancy.

It will be an ideal opportunity to talk, make friends and spend time together in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Attention! The condition for participation in the Garden Party is prior registration for the conference.



When: 31 sierpnia 2021 r.,
Time: 15:30

Where: Serock, start w hotelu Narvil Conference & SPA,

ONDE SA invites all conference participants to the “Last day of holidays with ONDE”. The event will take place in the green areas in front of the Narvil Hotel on August 31 at 4 p.m.

We guarantee great fun, waves of energizing music and drinks that give you strength.

Attention! The prerequisite for participation in the Party ONDE elevator is prior registration for the conference.



When: 31 sierpnia 2021 r.,
Time: 20:00

Where: Kaskada Restaurant

Forte Renewables is pleased to invite you to the Gala accompanying the PWEA2021 Conference. It will be a great opportunity to spend a wonderful evening among the honorable group of representatives of the wind energy industry. The unique atmosphere and charming surroundings of nature will be the perfect setting for this year’s Gala organized especially for you. We wish you an unforgettable experience and great fun.