Tax aspects of financing of RES project in Poland and profit distribution

Time: 15.06.2022, 11:30

Place: Sekwana Room

During a workshop the would be presented practical hints related to the taxation of RES investments in Poland. In particular the following issues would be raised:

  • How to finance a RES project of Poland in the most tax effective way?
  • How financial costs impacted the tax shield?
  • How the profit distributions are taxed?
  • What are the crucial tax burdens having economic impact on the rentability of the project and its profit?
  • Exit scenarios – what are appropriate tax measures for exit processes and the post-exit stage?
  • What are the Dos and Don’ts that investors have to consider?

Moreover, the changes in tax regulations 2022 (so-called Polish Deal) as well as potential future changes would be presented and their impact on projects.